Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Day Before: It's Almost Here!

After traveling a whole lot, I'm in Portland!

I wanted to keep blogging about my daily summit adventures, so I'm resorting to blogging from my phone. I hope this works ("is this thing on?").

My photos are coming from my phone, so tthe quality may not be the best, but more photos will follow when I can upload them to my computer from my camera.

When leaving Providence, RI, I didin't think I'd see anyone that might be a summit-goer. I figured I'd have better luck when I arrived in Chicago for my connecting flight.

As soon as I reached my gate, I pulled out my Loopy Ewe project bag, and sure enough, it acted like a beacon, and I was very quickly surrounded by friendly knitters.

During my flight I was lucky enough to sit next to Kate of Dragonfly Fibers. We chatted and knitted away and before we knew it, we were landing.

While on the plane, I finished my homework!

This will be for Anne Hanson's lace sock design class. I wonder what it will become?

After landing, fellow Ravelrer, Kermit and I grabbed some tastey treats:

I seem to have forgotten my running shoes. I made a point to check and see if the hotel had a gym (and they do) but my running gear didn't make it into my bag. This could be problematic.

After a much needed nap, I went ahead to the convention center to register. While I was organizing my registration materials, I noticed some familiar faces walking towards the registration booths. It finally dawns on me that it is Ravelry founders Jess, and Casey along with Ravelry team member, Mary-Heather. I feel like a dork wondering if I will bother them by saying "hi." I end up walking by them smiling, but my very nerdiness is blinding, and that's the best I could muster.

I was going to try to say hi, but what I really wanted to say was "thanks for Ravelry, it rocks."

I didn't say either.

Lame. Oh well.

I'm anxious to start classes tomorrow!

Let the classes begin!

-- Post From My Phone


DrChopSuey said...

I wish I was there! But THANK you for sharing your time... Totally living vicariously through you!

Laura said...

Thank you for your comment! I wish we could all get out to Portland! Knitters are the nicest people. :)