Friday, August 7, 2009

Let the Sock Summit Begin!

I tried to blog last night and actually fell asleep while typing on my phone. I wasn't in a state to blog, but I wanted to. The first day was amazing.

The first day was busy, but not as crowded as it is today. The marketplace was only open for students yesterday, so it wasn't too hard to shop or get around, though The Sanguine Gryphon's booth was mobbed the entire evening. Check out their blog in the next few days-they have some stories to tell.

Although yesterday's lines overall weren't too bad, today's look a bit more scary:

Not too bad? It goes on...

And on...

That isn't just a crowd of people in the distance; that's the actual line winding away into the horizon. Do you think they all want Bugga?

I was able to do some shopping myself, yesterday. After class, I was able to catch up with another Ravelrer and we went downtown to the Button Emporium and Ribbonry. It was truly a charming store.

Everything was about whimsical embellishment.

I'll have more photos from my camera when I get back, but here was a very cool mermaid in their window.

And of course, I bought buttons:

After our little excursion into town we made our way back to the convention center to visit the marketplace. It hadn't been open all day and it would soon open to students only.

I had made a deal with myself. I was only going to buy things that I otherwise have a hard time getting. I couldn't believe what I was able to find!

Exhibit A:

Gothsocks and Oh My Goth sock yarm from Rainy Days and Wooly Dogs. I was able to grab a special Sock Summit colorway called Summer of Goth. I haven't been able to catch her updates, but made up for it here.

Also got Numma Numma and String Theory at the Loopy Ewe booth!

And then there was the Zauberball by Skacel. This is a funny story.

While wandering happily through the marketplace, I noticed a man knitting something peculiar in a corner within the Skacel booth. When I took a closer look, I realized what he was knitting.

This is Brian, and he is knitting seven pairs of socks at a time. That's right folks, a week's worth of socks at one time.

While I stood watching this, one particular colorway caught my eye. "Which one is that?" I asked and pointed. "That's the Zauberball Crazy," he said.

That's crazy allright, I thought to myself, but very charming. I ended up just going for the regular Zauberball.

After more and more shopping, they began to announce that the marketplace was about to close. I caught up with Gryphon, Sarah, and Kate, and we started making our way to the Opening Ceremony.

It was a real treat.

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (The Yarn Harlot) and Tina Newton (Blue Moon Fiber Arts) began telling all of us about how Sock Summit came about. If you have been reading these ladies' blogs, you might know most of the story, but they were so funny in telling it. We were in stitches.

I noticed that someone was filming the event, so hopefully people who weren't able to come will be able to see it.

The event was also very emotional, when Tina talked about the challenges they faced to get something of this magnitude off the ground. And then of course it was very emotional when they began recognizing the teachers and how none of them said no when asked to partcipate. It was a great event.

Afterwards, we all left a bit bleary-eyed from fatigue, and I stumbled wearily to my hotel room. Which leads me back to the beginning of my blog entry-where I fell asleep.

And that was just Day 1.

--Post From My Phone

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DrChopSuey said...

The buttons look cute... and don't get me started on that yarn. Yum! But whoa... 7 at a time?!?! WOW!

I hope you had a great time. It looks like you had a blast!