Monday, August 3, 2009

Sheep Exonerated!: 2 Days to Sock Summit

So the truth is out there. The sheep is innocent. I've apologized, and I've gotten almost all of my homework done. (He said he would've done the same if he were in my shoes.)

Everything is bagged and tagged according to classes.

One of my homework assignments was to create a swatch of a simple stitch pattern that I'd like to incorporate into a sock design. This is a swatch of a stitch pattern called "Wave" from the Vougue Stitchonary 2 book. I knit it in Araucania's Ranco Multi in colorway 325. The colorway and stitch pattern seem to work together.

Another bit of homework has proven to be a bit more frustrating. I've frogged it about 4 times, and will probably have to do it on the plane to make sure it gets finished. It is for a class on lace sock design and I'm supposed to have a simple lace sock pattern started and ready for class. I can handle lace, which is why I'm confused about this pattern. The pattern has two options for a cuff: a lacey one, or a simple 1x1 rib. I thought the pattern was fairly straight forward and forged ahead with the very pretty but simple lacey cuff. In the pattern there are a few yarn overs after purl stitches-which I've done before and haven't had too much trouble finding the yarn overs on the next round to knit it, but somehow I kept ending up with extra stitches and would have to frog it and start over. Lack of sleep is started to rear its ugly head.

Realizing that I'm running low on time, I just started the rib pattern, but I just realized that I didn't cast on loosely (I usually use two needles to cast on loosely), and will probably have to frog it again. I'm a bit unclear how this is going to work in class, but we'll see.
This is supposed to be the Waving Lace Socks from the Favorite Socks book. It is being knit in Socks That Rock, Lightweight in the Moonstone colorway.

This next project is probably the project I will work on while on the plane. It is also the project I'm bringing to knit during the Guiness World Records event. It is the Knitty's Lace Ribbon Scarf done in The Sanguine Gryphon's Sappho II yarn. The yarn is a beautifully saturated purple and the picture is not capturing the subtle changes from light bluish purple, to reddish purple, to dark purple. It is wonderfully soft.

Again, sorry for the lame picture. Will do a better job when I have a bit more to work with. This is one repeat of the pattern and there isn't enough to photograph it well.

And that's it for homework. It doesn't seem like a lot, but it was a lot to get organized in a couple of days.

In addition to these projects, I have a grad course that is wrapping up and have been doing homework for that too. Last minute, my professor sprung a mini paper today. I had planned on using the time to finish knitting my homework and start packing, but I lost about four or five hours on the grad school stuff, so packing will have to wait until tomorrow. I'm trying to keep hysteria at bay.

Which isn't too hard when you are exhausted...Zzzzzzz.

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amylin said...

Have fun at teh Sock Summit! Sounds like great fun.